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    Our Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) programs offer unparalleled high level of quality that is delivered on time within budget.
      Engineering and Design Specifications Team
    The engineering and design specifications team is responsible for establishing the design and construction specifications for the various portion of the project.
    The engineering team acts a third party verification group in conjunction with the project's field QA/QC team.
    The engineering term will review proposals from the various equipments suppliers and any contractors for equipment supply and construction work.
    The equipments supplier and any contractor will be responsible for the detailed design work for the project and for submitting these design and equipment specifications to the project engineering team for review.
    Review by the project engineering team ensures that the detailed construction plans will meet the required design specifications .codes and standards for the project.
      Field Site Management Team
    The field site management team will oversee all aspects of construction on-site & will ensure that work is performed in accordance with engineering plans & Specifications, environmental requirements & good industry practices
    .The Field site team will generally be involved in day -to- day issues as they arise throughout the construction phase.
    The project site manager will have a support team consisting of quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) specialists, environmental inspectors, and site safety officer.
    The site team will also rely on the engineering team for in the field support during critical operations such as for energizing of the substation and for technical issues as they arise during project construction.
      Project Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Team
    The project O&M group will be on site during the commissioning and start-up phase of construction. Once equipment is commissioned, it is turned over to O&M group control.
    The O&M team generally consists of a project site manager, a team of equipment field technician specialists, and administrative support staff.
      Quality Assurance / Quality Control
    A Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) program will be implemented during all phases of the project to ensure that the engineering, procurement, construction, and start-up of the facility are completed, as specified.
    The contractor and the supply contracts will require that. A project construction procedures manual is submitted prior to any site construction for review and approval.
    The manuals will describe how the contractors will implement and maintain QA/QC, Environmental Compliance programs, Health & Safety Compliance programs and integrate their activities with the other contractors during all phases of the work.
    The contractor and the supplier will be responsible for enforcing compliance to the construction procedures program of all of its
      Environmental Protection
    The Environmental Compliance program will ensure that construction activities meet the conditions, limits and specifications set in environmental standards established in the Site Certification Agreement and all other environmental regulations.
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    Our Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) programs offer unparalleled high level of quality that is delivered on time within budget.

    Iraqi Public Transportation Ministry
    Iraqi Development & Construction Ministry
    Iraqi Electricity Ministry
    Iraqi Water Authority
    Public Electricity Production Company
    Petrochemical Network Station
    The Southern Gas Company
    The Southern Refinary Company
    Iraqi General Ports Authority
    The American Company RTI
    The American Company KBR
    The American Company IMCO
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